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Ms Rama Mercy S

Temporary Teaching Assistant Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Immune S... View Profile

Mrs Nivedhana Rajaram

Teachjng Assistant Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Deep... View Profile

Mrs Divya Duraiswamy

Teaching Assistant ... View Profile

Dr Padmavathi Ganapathi

Professor Specialized in Cyber Security. Research Interests ... View Profile

Dr Vasantha Kalyani David

Professor Pattern Recognition Using Neural and Functional Ne... View Profile

Dr Geethalakshmi S N

Professor Software Project Management... View Profile

Dr Radha V

Professor ... View Profile

Prof Kalpana Balasubrahmanyan

Professor Data Mining, BIg data analytics. Wireless sensor n... View Profile

Dr Elizabeth Shanthi

Professor Data Mining, Object Oriented Databases, Informatio... View Profile

Prof Dr Subashini P

Professor Artificial Intelligence, Machine Intelligence... View Profile

Dr Meena Chinniah

Computer Manager Information System Deals with Image Processing and... View Profile

Dr Srividhya V

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Department of Computer Science, School of Physical... View Profile

Dr Anitha Sahadevan

Assistant Professor Data Science, Artificial Intelligence... View Profile

Dr Srividhya V

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Text Mining, Data Analytics, Data Sci... View Profile

Dr Valliammal N

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Vijayabhanu R

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Rachel Vedamanickam

Assistant Professor Educational Technology, LMS-Moodle... View Profile

Dr Sarojini Balakrishnan

Assistant Professor Medical Data Mining, Dimensionality Reduction, Fea... View Profile

Dr Marimuthu Krishna Veni

Assistant Professor Knowledge in Technology... View Profile

Dr Sudhamathy G

Assistant Professor Data Analytics, Web Analytics... View Profile

Dr Thilagu M

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Data Analytics... View Profile

Dr Ambika D

Assistant Professor Software Testing, Process Models... View Profile

Dr Subramanian Visalakshi

Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering... View Profile

Mrs Preema Vivek

Assistant Professor Networks... View Profile

Dr Angel Moorthy S

Assistant Professor Software Engineering... View Profile

Dr Kumutha V

Assistant Professor Software Analysis, Design, Software Testing, Quali... View Profile

Dr Amudha S

Assistant Professor Search engine works combined with artificial intel... View Profile

Mrs Sangeetha Priya J

Assistant Professor Information Systems - Health Care... View Profile