Food Processing & Preservation Technology

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Dr. M Shakila Banu

Professor Food biotechnology... View Profile

Dr Lovelin Jerald A

Professor Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Heat Transfer ... View Profile

Dr Hema Prabha Paramanantham

Associate Professor Food Processing, Food Packaging, New Product Devel... View Profile

Ms Kayal Vizhi D

Assistant Professor Food Science and Technology... View Profile

Mrs Caroline A

Assistant Professor Research Techniques and the Role Biotechnology Inc... View Profile

Ms Pradeepa S

Assistant Professor Food Science and Technology... View Profile

Dr Radhapriya D

Assistant Professor Food Science, Processing and Preservation, Baking ... View Profile

Ms Lavannya Murugavel

Assistant Professor Food Engineering... View Profile

Mrs Ramani Subramaniam

Assistant Professor Composite Welding... View Profile

Ms Safreena Kabeer

Assistant Professor Food and Nutrition, Food Microbiology, Food Engine... View Profile

Dr Reni Alagirisamy

Assistant Professor Food Processing and Engineering... View Profile

Ms Nithiya Priya B T

Assistant Professor Food Production, Product Development... View Profile