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Dr N.S Rohini (retired)

Professor Counselling, cognitive development and Applied Psy... View Profile

Dr Gayatridevi Sundaresan

Associate Professor Counselling Psychology, Research Methodology, Stat... View Profile

Ms Srinithi A M

Assistant Professor Counselling Psychology, Family and School Counsell... View Profile

Mrs Sudha R

Assistant Professor Psychology: Rehabilitation, Developmental, Positiv... View Profile

Ms Vishnu Priya S K

Assistant Professor Health Psychology, Sports Psychology, Counselling ... View Profile

Mrs Sathya M

Assistant Professor Counselling Psychology, HRM and Applied Psychology... View Profile

Dr Amudha Devi N V

Assistant Professor Study of Human Behavior... View Profile

Ms Sowndarya S

Teaching Assistant Counselling... View Profile

Ms Janani S

Teaching Assistant ... View Profile

Ms Yogeswarie Sreedharan

Teaching Assistant ... View Profile

Mrs Subhashini Sekar

Teaching Assistant Development, Education... View Profile