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Dr Sumitha D

Associate Professor Probability Theory, Queueing Models, Stochastic Pr... View Profile

Dr Kala Chandrasekaran

Associate Professor Postmodern English Literature... View Profile

Dr Ahamed Meeran Ayisha Begam

Associate Professor Field of Expertise Are Thin Film, Bio Materials, N... View Profile

Dr Poongodi Thirumalaiswamy

Assistant Professor Queueing Theory, Operations Research... View Profile

Dr Srikiruthika Jayaseelan

Assistant Professor Second Order Fuzzy Open Sets, Second Order Fuzzy S... View Profile

Dr Vini R

Assistant Professor Liquid Crystalline Polymers, Flame Retardancy, Pho... View Profile

Dr Mekala T

Assistant Professor Expertise in Indian Literature - Novels... View Profile

Dr Pappa Ammal R

Assistant Professor Phytochemistry... View Profile

Dr Vijayalakshmi V M

Assistant Professor Fuzzy Topology, Fuzzy Soft Topology ... View Profile

Dr Rymala Mathen

Assistant Professor Kitchen designing, Ergonomics, human factor engine... View Profile