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Dr Nataraj krishnaveni

Professor Fish Feed Formulation by Using Plant Waste, Animal... View Profile

Dr Kannayiram Manimegalai

Professor Control of Mosquito Larvae of Various Vector Speci... View Profile

Dr Santhy Sivanandan

Professor Anti Cancer Medicinal Plants Research, Life Style ... View Profile

Dr Poonkothai M

Assistant Professor Environmentalist... View Profile

Dr Maheswari Gopal

Assistant Professor Stored Product Entomology, Various Plant Products,... View Profile

Dr Annapoorani C A

Assistant Professor Plant extracts, Culex mosquito, Qualitative analys... View Profile

Dr Karthika P

Assistant Professor Specialize in Field of Entomology and Phylogenetic... View Profile

Dr Chitra Pechimuthu

Assistant Professor Insect Biology, Pest Management, Microbiology and ... View Profile